Primary Certification procedures

The Canadian Certified home Inspector (CCHI) Certification and designation is based upon four pillars.  These are that the Home Inspector who has applied to engage in the CCHI Program, follow the CCHI certification process and have been awarded the CCHI designation must be:

  1. Educated and Experience
  2. Vetted & Trustworthy
  3. Professional & Responsible

and the CCHI program, Certification and designations must be recognised and relevant.

1   Educated and Experienced

The applicant must complete 202 hours of courses approved by the relevant education or certification Authorities within AlbertaACHI or OntarioACHI. Courses taken must be in-line with the material provided from the list available at the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors below.

This education MUST include as a MINIMUM:

These courses are freely available to members of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (USA) at

1.1    Alternate Courses

The student must submit all alternate courses, content and exam results for evaluation by the relevant Canadian Association.

For information about other courses that have already been adopted as approved for the CCHI program by the relevant Certifying Associations you can check out their websites below:


1.2    Extra fees

Extra Fees may be assessed to cover the cost of Accreditation of courses not currently approved.

1.3    Arbitration

The accreditation decision of the relevant associations will be final.

2        Vetted & Trustworthy

The final examination for the Associations consists of two exams that can be taken back-to-back or independently. The exams must be proctored using a proctor that has obtained prior approval from the relevant Associations certification authority.  This means that the proof of education is vetted and the applicant can be considered trustworthy with respect to what they say they know.   A further examination may be required by regulatory authorities in order for the Inspector to obtain a License to practice in some jurisdictions.

2.1    Exam 1

250 questions based upon the theory on inspection, business basics, safety and consumer protection.   This exam must be completed within two and one half hours (2.5 hours),

2.2    Exam 2

250 questions based upon the technical components of the home inspection educational material. This exam must be completed within two and one half hours (2.5 hours).

2.3    Regulatory Exam

Any regulatory examination will be conducted in accordance with the requirements laid out by the regulation authority.

3        Professional & Responsible

All CCHI holders are required to prove they are both professional and responsible.  A series of procedures has been designed to ensure that the Certification process audits this, but can be used to show consumers that this is the case too.

3.1    Pre-requisites

Successful completion of InterNACHI courses or approved equivalent courses and passing the final examination as per section 2.1 and 2.2. Where required by law, the examination outlined in section 2.3 may also be required as a pre-requisite.

3.2    Procedures

There are two peer review training procedures. The applicant shall complete either one of these procedures outlined in 3.2.1 or 3.2.2 below. The applicant must complete the procedure outlined in 3.2.3 below regardless of which of the other options taken.

3.2.1       Procedure One (1) (This procedure is selectable)

The applicant must commit to and complete four (4) ride-alongs.        A ride-along is where the student accompanies a qualified CMI/CCHI inspector (examiner) and observes the procedures used by the CMI/CCHI that perform the home inspections.        Each ride- along shall be documented as though it was an inspection by the applicant. The applicants report for the inspection shall be submitted to the relevant certification association attached to a signed form completed by the examiner which will identify the examiner, applicant, location date and time of the ride along as well as confirmation via the form that the applicant has met or exceeded all the requirements laid out in the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

3.2.2       Procedure Two (2) (This procedure is selectable)

The applicant must complete a one day seminar conducted by an approved CMI/CCHI member in good standing. The seminar shall consist of the following procedures.        CMI/CCHI examiner will notify applicant(s) of the house that has been selected to be used for the procedure, including date and time of seminar.        Applicant will ensure payment for seminar is provided in advance. This payment is non-refundable. Payment will be to cover examiners time and costs.        CMI/CCHI examiner will provide a walk-through of the property as an instructor explaining or demonstrating the inspection procedures expected to be used. The inspection, explanation and/or demonstration of procedures shall meet the relevant provincial associations current Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. In jurisdictions where regulation of the profession is enforced any regulatory standards must also be adhered to.        Applicant(s) will perform their own inspection of the property under oversight of the examiner. The applicant will produce their own Inspection report.        Applicants will obtain signed form from CMI/CCHI for completion of the seminar including date, date and location of the inspection property.        Applicant must submit their inspection report within 24 hours of the seminar to the CMI/CCHI examiner. It must be in a form that can be easily transmitted electronically.        CMI/CCHI examiner will submit reports and relevant forms to certifying authority within 5 working days of seminar.

3.2.3       Peer review and audit (This procedure must be completed)        Applicant will submit 4 further inspection reports to the certifying authority. These extra 4 reports can be mock inspections where licensing prohibits inspection of properties without a license to practice.   Mock inspections must be of real properties and the report MUST include the contact details of the owners of the property and be submitted with a release form from the property owners to identify that full authority to perform the inspection was obtained.        The Licensed Home Inspector will submit 25 fee paid home inspection reports for review and approval by Certifying authority.        Certifying authority will review the submitted documentation for compliance with current Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics and any regulatory requirements.

4    Recognised & Relevant

In order to ensure the CCHI holder is recognised, and their Certification is relevant both the applicant and CCHI holder will be held to a series of commitments that allow public scrutiny of not only the process for the CCHI but also the awards made.

4.1       The certifying body will review and keep a record of all Home Inspectors that have earned the right to use the CCHI designation.

4.2       Applicant will commit to maintaining their full contact details and public profile as accurate while holding the CCHI designation.

4.3       Applicant will commit to adhering to the police background check and insurance requirements required for the CCHI program and will submit to the disciplinary procedures of the certifying authority.

4.4       Applicant will agree to having their public profile visible on a publicly accessible web service(s) with regard to informing the consumers of their status.

4.5       Certifying authority will notify other provincial certifying authorities of the current standing and public profiles of any CCHI holder.   This is to facilitate mobility of workforce compliance and National acceptance of the CCHI program.